Who is Adrienne Calhoun?: Fact about George Foreman’s ex-wife

When the name George Foreman is mentioned, visions of his iconic boxing career, entrepreneurial success with the Lean Mean Grilling Machine, and his larger-than-life personality immediately come to mind. However, there’s one person whose pivotal role in Foreman’s life often goes unnoticed – his first wife, Adrienne Calhoun. 

While their marriage was short-lived, Adrienne was once half of the Foreman power couple during George’s early years as a rising star in the boxing world. From their whirlwind romance to the untold reasons behind their divorce, Adrienne’s story provides a fascinating glimpse into the life of the man who became a boxing legend and grill master extraordinaire. So who exactly was this first Mrs. Foreman? Let’s explore the facts about George Foreman’s ex-wife, Adrienne Calhoun.

Who is Adrienne Calhoun?

Adrienne Calhoun stepped into the limelight as the first wife of the legendary boxer and entrepreneur George Foreman. Though much of her personal life remained private, her name will forever be etched in history as the woman who was once married to one of the greatest heavyweight champions of all time.

Despite Foreman’s fame, Adrienne preferred to stay out of the public eye, leaving many details about her background and upbringing unknown. What we do know is that she caught the eye of the up-and-coming boxer in his early career during the late 1960s, long before his meteoric rise to stardom.

Adrienne Calhoun: Bio Summary

Adrienne Calhoun: Bio Summary

Little is known about Adrienne’s birthdate, age, or early life experiences. Records simply identify her as a female whose claim to fame was being married to George Foreman. Not much information is available about her profession or net worth either, as she chose to live a relatively private life even after divorcing the boxing icon.


Adrienne Calhoun’s biography is mostly defined by her brief but significant marriage to George Foreman. The couple tied the knot in 1971, just a few years after Foreman won an Olympic gold medal as an amateur boxer. Their union produced two children together, including a daughter named Michi.

Unfortunately, their life as a family didn’t last long. By 1974, just three years after exchanging vows, Adrienne and George decided to part ways and ended their marriage in divorce. The reasons behind their split were never publicly revealed, but one can speculate that Foreman’s demanding boxing career and growing fame may have played a role in the rift.


Not much is known about Adrienne Calhoun’s professional career or accomplishments outside of being the first wife of the boxing legend George Foreman. She appeared to keep her private and work life completely separate from her husband’s very public career in the ring.

On the other hand, George Foreman’s boxing career was truly extraordinary. After an impressive amateur run that included an Olympic gold, he became a two-time heavyweight champion of the world. His memorable bouts against Joe Frazier, Muhammad Ali’s “Rumble in the Jungle,” and his comeback from a long hiatus made him a sporting icon.

Summary of Adrienne Calhoun’s Marriage

Summary of Adrienne Calhoun's Marriage

Adrienne Calhoun’s primary claim to fame was her marriage to George Foreman from 1971 to 1974. They wed just a few years after he captured Olympic gold, tying the knot during the early years of his professional boxing career.

While their union produced two children together, it was unfortunately short-lived. After just three years as husband and wife, Adrienne and George decided to go their separate ways and divorced in 1974. The specific reasons were never revealed publicly.

Where is Adrienne Calhoun now?

After parting ways with George Foreman, Adrienne chose to return to a very private life, leaving her whereabouts and activities largely unknown over the decades that followed. Sadly, reports indicate that Adrienne Calhoun passed away in 2016, bringing her chapter in the Foreman story to an end.

While the details of her later life remain elusive, her immortal link to one of boxing’s true legends through their short-lived marriage will forever be a footnote in Foreman’s iconic biography.

Net Worth

Since Adrienne Calhoun lived most of her life out of the public eye, her personal net worth is unknown. She does not appear to have amassed any significant personal wealth or assets that were publicly reported on.

In contrast, her ex-husband George Foreman found tremendous success and riches through his boxing career, entrepreneurial ventures like the Lean Mean Grilling Machine, and other business dealings. As of 2023, Foreman’s net worth is estimated to be an impressive $300 million.

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