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The tragic case of Sarah Stern, a promising 19-year-old artist from Neptune City, New Jersey, sent shockwaves through the community in December 2016. What initially seemed like a mysterious disappearance soon unraveled into a horrific murder plotted by her childhood friend, Liam McAtasney.

Driven by greed over an inheritance, McAtasney recruited his former roommate, Preston Taylor, who had once been Sarah’s prom date, to help strangle her and dispose of her body by throwing it off a bridge in Belmar. Despite an exhaustive search, Sarah’s remains were never recovered, leaving her loved ones haunted by the unknown fate she suffered at the hands of those she trusted most.

The betrayal culminated in McAtasney’s conviction on seven charges, including first-degree murder, while Taylor received an 18-year sentence for his role in the gruesome crime that robbed a blossoming life far too soon.

Who is Sarah Stern?

Sarah Stern was a 19-year-old vibrant young woman with a passion for art and a bright future ahead of her. A resident of Neptune City, New Jersey, she was known for her warm personality and creative spirit. Tragically, her life was cut short in December 2016 when she fell victim to a heinous murder plotted by someone she had considered a close friend since childhood – Liam McAtasney.

Sarah’s disappearance initially sparked concerns of suicide or a family dispute, as her abandoned vehicle was found on a bridge. However, the truth that emerged was far more sinister, shattering the illusion of safety within her own circle of trust.

In the wake of her untimely death, Sarah’s memory lived on through the heartbroken recollections of loved ones and a community that mourned the loss of such a promising young life. Her father, Michael Stern, became a central figure in the pursuit of justice, his anguish palpable as he grappled with the haunting thoughts of his daughter’s unknown fate. Sarah’s story serves as a tragic reminder that even the closest bonds can conceal the darkest of intentions, and that the humanity is capable of both profound beauty and unspeakable cruelty.

Sarah Stern Father

Sarah Stern Father

At the center of this devastating tragedy stood Michael Stern, Sarah’s devoted father, who had already endured immense heartbreak with the loss of his wife, Carla, to cancer in 2013. As the trial against his daughter’s murderer unfolded, Michael’s anguish was laid bare for all to witness. In a heart-wrenching testimony, he spoke of the nightmares that plagued him, haunted by the thoughts of what might have happened to Sarah’s body and the final moments of her life.

Even Liam McAtasney, the very individual responsible for robbing Michael of his only child, could not remain unmoved by the profound impact of his actions, as tears streamed down his face during this emotional testimony. For a father who had already endured immeasurable loss, the added torment of not knowing his daughter’s final resting place was a cruelty beyond comprehension, a burden he would carry for the rest of his days.

How Sarah Stern Body Been Found?

Regrettably, despite an exhaustive search and investigation, Sarah Stern’s body has never been recovered. The harrowing details of her final moments and the disposition of her remains emerged through the recorded confession of her murderer, Liam McAtasney. In a chilling admission captured by an amateur filmmaker and former classmate, Anthony Curry, McAtasney revealed the gruesome acts he had committed.

He confessed to strangling Sarah for nearly half an hour, squeezing the life out of her young body. Once the deed was done, McAtasney enlisted the aid of his former roommate and Sarah’s prom date, Preston Taylor, to dispose of her body in the most callous manner – by tossing it off a bridge into the Belmar waters. This final, heartless act robbed Sarah’s loved ones of the chance to lay her to rest with the dignity she deserved, leaving them forever haunted by the unknown fate of her remains.

Why did Liam Mcatasney kill Sarah Stern?

The motive behind Liam McAtasney’s decision to take the life of his childhood friend, Sarah Stern, was as chilling as the act itself – sheer greed and a disregard for human life. Prosecutors argued that McAtasney had been meticulously planning Sarah’s murder for six months, driven by the belief that she had inherited a substantial sum of money from her late mother’s lockbox.

This inheritance, which should have been a source of comfort for Sarah as she grieved the loss of her mother, became the catalyst for her untimely demise at the hands of someone she trusted implicitly. McAtasney’s actions were a betrayal of the deepest kind, a complete disregard for the sanctity of life and the bonds of friendship, all in pursuit of personal gain.

How Did Liam Mcatasney Get Caught?

How Did Liam Mcatasney Get Caught?

The breakthrough in Sarah Stern’s murder case came from an unexpected source – an amateur filmmaker and former classmate of both Sarah and Liam McAtasney. Anthony Curry, driven by a desire to uncover the truth, took the remarkable step of secretly recording a confession from McAtasney himself.

In this damning audio evidence, McAtasney’s own words laid bare the chilling details of how he had strangled Sarah for nearly half an hour, stealing her money and enlisting the aid of his former roommate, Preston Taylor, to dispose of her body. It was a confession that would prove pivotal in securing McAtasney’s conviction, shedding light on the depths of his depravity and the cold, calculated nature of his actions.

Who are Parents of Liam Mcatasney

Behind every heinous act lies a family shattered by the incomprehensible actions of one of their own. In the case of Liam McAtasney, the parents grappling with the aftermath of their son’s crimes were Megan and Quinn McAtasney. As the details of Sarah Stern’s murder at the hands of their beloved child came to light, they found themselves confronted with a truth that no parent should ever have to face – their son was capable of taking a life in such a cruel and calculated manner.

The anguish and disbelief they must have experienced are unfathomable, as they grappled with reconciling the young man they had raised with the monstrous acts he had committed. Their grief was compounded not only by the loss of their son to the justice system but also by the knowledge that their child had robbed another family of their beloved daughter, shattering lives in the process.

Who is Preston Taylor?

In the twisted web of Sarah Stern’s murder, Preston Taylor played a critical role as the accomplice who aided Liam McAtasney in the disposal of her body. Taylor, who had once been Sarah’s prom date, found himself drawn into McAtasney’s sinister plot, agreeing to help toss her lifeless form off a bridge into the waters of Belmar.

This act of callous disregard for human life and dignity was a haunting betrayal, not only of Sarah’s trust but also of the bond they had once shared as prom companions. Preston Taylor’s involvement in this heinous crime was a stark reminder that even those we think we know can harbor darkness within, capable of actions that defy comprehension.

Ultimately, Taylor’s role in the cover-up could not be overlooked, and he faced the consequences of his actions. He pleaded guilty to various charges, including robbery and disturbing human remains, and agreed to testify against McAtasney as part of a plea deal that saw him sentenced to 18 years in prison.

Facts about Sarah Stern Murder:

  • Sarah Stern, a 19-year-old artist, was murdered in December 2016 in Neptune City, New Jersey.
  • Her childhood friend, Liam McAtasney, strangled her for 30 minutes out of greed over an inheritance.
  • McAtasney recruited his former roommate, Preston Taylor, to help dispose of Sarah’s body.
  • Despite extensive searches, Sarah’s remains were never found, causing immense anguish for her father.
  • The case broke after a recorded confession by McAtasney to a former classmate surfaced
  • McAtasney was convicted on 7 charges, including murder, and received life without parole plus 10 years.
  • Taylor pleaded guilty, testified against McAtasney, and got an 18-year sentence for his role
  • Sarah’s father gave an emotional testimony about the nightmare of not knowing his daughter’s final fate.
  • This heartbreaking case highlights the devastating consequences of greed and betrayal, robbing a young life and leaving a profound impact on loved ones and the community.

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